Rhyming Dust Bunnies

Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas

Four bright-colored, hairy dust bunnies introduce themselves as Ed, Ned, Ted, and Bob.  They rhyme together all the time.  What rhymes with car?  The first three bunnies join in merrily rhyming together, but Bob has other things on his mind.  Ed, Ned and Ted are oblivious to what Bob is trying to tell them, chiding him for not rhyming.  Their continued rhyming and Bob’s refusal to play mixed with his growing desperation for them to understand will have everyone laughing.  Classic vaudeville humor in a picture book.

Thomas has this book paced exactly right.  It is a joy to read aloud, the words and the jokes hitting with a rhythm that is written directly into the text.  Add to that the muppet-like bunnies with their buggy eyes and grinning mouths, and you have a winner of a book!

Put this on the top of your school visit books, tuck it under your arm for your own children, just share it whenever possible.  Even better, it can work as an easy reader with its rhyming words and brief text.  This one you just have to try.

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