Ballyhoo Bay

Ballyhoo Bay by Judy Sierra, illustrated by Derek Anderson

Every Saturday, Mira Bella taught art classes on Ballyhoo Beach.  She taught grandmothers, babies, squids, seagulls, crabs, otters, and seals.  The Ballyhoo Art Fair was about to be held, until one dreadful day where a billboard announced that instead of a beach there would soon be penthouse apartments and a casino.  But Mira Bella refused to stop, she gathered everyone together to create a Plan B and save the beach!  They headed to the city hall with banners and signs.  When all of them raised their voices together something wonderful happened at Ballyhoo Bay.

Put art and activism together in a picture book and you have one that I will cheer for.  Add the clever rhymes and silliness of Judy Sierra coupled with the bright and funny illustrations by Anderson and you have something worthy of a demonstration of your own.  This is a great testament to the power of art, the freedom of speech and the necessity of standing up for what is important to you. 

Share this one with art teachers in your schools.  Children will also love it because of its humor and style.  It is a breeze to read aloud because Sierra writes to be shared.  Appropriate for ages 3-6.