Plant Secrets

Plant Secrets by Emily Goodman, illustrated by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

Shh.  Every plant has a secret or really a series of secrets.  Seeds hold the secret of a new plant inside them.  Plants have the secret of being able to create flowers.  Flowers in turn are able to turn into fruits.  And inside the fruits are the hidden seeds.  Cleverly done with lots of scientific information, many good examples offering variety, and the theme of secrecy and surprises, this book will be well received by children.

Goodman does a great job of being scientifically accurate but also speaking at a child-appropriate level about plants.  Tildes has created illustrations that do the same.  Her gouache illustrations are detailed but very approachable.  They also represent plants that children will recognize from their own lives. 

An accessible and interesting book about the life-cycle of plants, this will be welcomed in preschool and early elementary classrooms as well as libraries.  Appropriate for ages 4-7.

One thought on “Plant Secrets

  1. Had to pry this book out of my child’s teacher. Beautiful illustrations, great progression, scientifically accurate and really holds a child’s attention. Kids love secrets. Great to read. This one will be one we give to other children and have in our own library.


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