How to Potty Train Your Monster

How to Potty Train Your Monster by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Mike Moon.

In a handy step-by-step format, readers find out the dangers and difficulties of potty training a monster.  You have to make sure your monster is ready (most should be 7 feet tall).  You have to get him a giant potty chair because he is too big for the normal toilet.  And the book ends with the joys of monster underwear as an incentive.  Parents will immediately see that this book is about children being potty trained, but children may be too caught up in the monster humor to feel any pressure themselves.

The tone here is just right, allowing children to laugh about learning to use the potty.  The humor is physical, potty humor that all children will hoot about.  The unexpected twists and turns in potty training are showed to monstrous proportions and great effect.  Moon’s illustrations bring to life a bright-colored menagerie of monsters with silly befitting names.  Their google-eyed furriness is much more funny than frightening.

A great example of a potty book that is not saccharine or dull.  I’ve potty trained two monsters myself, so I know that every word here is true!  Appropriate for 2-4 year olds.  Older children will enjoy the humor and hopefully will not need the potty tips.

Reviewed from library copy.