ScrollMotion Gets Juvenile

ScrollMotion will be launching an e-book reader for the iPhone that is specifically targeted to children and teens.  The company has already been successful in the adult market.  Readers can look forward to Beverly Cleary, Stephanie Meyer, Christopher Paolini and Neil Gaiman among others.

I’ve been watching for an app like this, since the Kindle does not do colored pictures and often fails at providing images and words in the right combinations on a page.  We will see what happens.  Reading to children will continue to be done with books for a good long time. 

Of course, I am completely biased towards the physical book.  I do wonder how it can possibly be good for children’s reading to force individuals to purchase all the books their children read.  I know families who literally read hundreds of picture books a month.  How can those super-reading families ever afford to support that reading habit? 

I also worry about families who do not have iPhones or other advanced phones or even computers in their homes.  Where does our swiftly moving to Kindles and e-books leave them?  Don’t we as parents and librarians need to make sure that everyone is reading?  I refuse to give up on that part of my passion for books, that they are an equalizer, a force for community, and a pleasurable way to learn.

Via PW

Karla Kuskin Dies

I am sorry to tell of the sad news of Karla Kuskin’s death at age 77.  She was the author of fifty books for children and winner of many honors. 

My favorite of her books is The Philharmonic Gets Dressed, illustrated by Marc Simont.  It’s from 1982 and I knew many teachers who used it in their classrooms annually.  Lovely musical stuff.

I also really enjoyed Traces her recent book with Paula Fox which looks at the traces left behind by animals and objects.  Again, just lovely.