Sweet Valley High, the Movie?!

The author of the screenplay for Juno is set to adapt The Sweet Valley High series for the big screen.  And just after most libraries finally weeded the bulk of the very long series.

I remember the series being one of a group that in the nineties you absolutely did not weed.  They sat on the shelves until they were in tatters.  Other series that could not be weeded at the time were RL Stine and Christopher Pike.  No matter how old they got, they still checked out constantly.

I was so thrilled when I could finally get those old books off of the shelves as their use went down and get newer titles.  And now, now they are making a feature film?!  Why now?  It also looks like they have already been made into a TV series in 1994 when they were still hot.

So my big question for all of you practicing YA librarians is whether you still have Sweet Valley on your shelves and whether they still go out. 

2 thoughts on “Sweet Valley High, the Movie?!

  1. Nope, our shelves are cleared of both Christopher Pike (I had to get rid of them this year, they were falling apart) and Sweet Valley High. R.L. Stine books are still clinging to their yellowed spines and teens are still checking out Fear Street.

    Maybe I should look into the re-releases of Sweet Valley now…


    1. I am the world’s biggest SVH fan. I read them until I was 20 and only stopped because they stopped publishing them.

      As soon as I got my job in this library, I threw the few remaining volumes out. It’s an almost 200 book series, the earliest titles of which were published over 20 years ago and have not aged well. The only people reading them now are people in their 20s and 30s who write old book snark for fun.


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