Cosmic Blasts Off to the Movies!

Frank Cottrell Boyce’s teen book Cosmic will be turned into a film by Walden Media.  In great news, Cottrell Boyce will be adapting the book into a screenplay himself.  As well as being a successful author for youth, he is a veteran screenwriter.

Here’s to a great book being made into a great film!

Thanks to Cinematical for the news.

Born Yesterday


Born Yesterday: The Diary of a Young Journalist by James Solheim, illustrated by Simon James

This funny book is told from the perspective of a brand new baby who just happens to be a journalist. He frets about being born naked, is amazed by everything his older sister can do, and tries to reach his mobile.  He looks forward to being talented enough to go to Kindergarten like his sister, enjoys his first lick of popsicle, throws food, bites his foot.  He spends his days like most babies, but he documents it all.  That’s why he is worried when his sister reads his diary and alarmed when she laughs at it.  Perhaps he needs to find a different family to live with?

The tone of this book is what sets it apart from many other baby books.  The diary format is cleverly done and combined with the baby’s voice, it is pure fun to read.  His voice is clever, rather adult, and often concerned with the impression he is making as a baby.  The juxtaposition of this tone with a baby’s life and activities works very well and adds to the humor of the book.

James’ art is right at home here as he does full page images along with smaller pictures in the midst of the text.  His art has a friendliness and gentle humor of its own and matches the text well.  The baby is nearly irresistible as he tries new things, even as he throws food or howls about biting his own foot.

A clever perspective on babies that many different readers will enjoy.  Appropriate for ages 4-7.

Reviewed from copy received from Penguin.

Check out this video about the book with author James Solheim.  It gives a great sense of the humor of the book:

Please Take Me for a Walk

Please Take Me for a Walk by Susan Gal

One look into the begging eyes of this white and black puppy, and you will eagerly agree to take him for a walk.  The puppy explains throughout the book why he needs to go for a walk.  There are cats to chase, birds to bark at, squirrels to keep in the trees.  There are people to greet, games to watch, and games to play.  Best of all, there are other dogs to meet too!

This is a simple book with a simple premise, which is a large part of its appeal.  Gal uses only a handful of words per page, stretching sentences over the course of several pages to show just what the dog has in mind for his walk.  This means lots of pictures for the number of words, making it very toddler friendly. 

It is Gal’s art that really elevates the title.  As you can see from the cover art, the dog is a winning character with shining eyes, plenty of energy, and lots of friends.  Done in charcoal on paper and digital collage, Gal’s art ranges from simple close-ups of the dog on a plain background to busy city streets with dogs and people coming and going. 

Get ready to go on a merry walk with this dog tale, which will fit easily into a toddler storytime about pets or dogs.  Appropriate for ages 2-5.

Reviewed from copy received from Random House.

Also reviewed by Young Readers.

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