Teen Book Reviews by a Teen – Red Pyramid

Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

DO Judge a Pyramid by It’s Color

Hi there. This is Rowan. (I’m Tasha’s son, if you didn’t know.) and this is the first of my Teen Book Reviews by a Teen. Well, without further distraction, let’s begin!

I liked the Percy Jackson series. It’s hilarious take on Greek Mythology was, well… hilarious. The humor is back in Rick Riordan’s new book (and possible series,) Red Pyramid. The switch from Greek Mythology to Egyptian provides a fresh experience with new characters and a new story. I don’t want to go much further, for the sake of the story, but I will say that if you liked Percy Jackson, you’ll LOVE this book.

Come to Me, My Chickadee!

Come to Me, My Chickadee! by Carol Thompson

A celebration of all of the pet names we use for our children, this book compiles names from around the world and from different cultures.  Thompson melds these names into verses that have a lilting rhyme that is ideal for the youngest listeners.  The end pages start the mood with the flowering and fruiting branches surrounded by endearments from around the world.  Thompson’s friendly children of all different races make for inviting characters.

Thompson’s verse has a wonderful rhythm and rhyme that make reading it aloud great fun.  There will be foreign words and endearments, but nicely Thompson uses most of them in rhymes so that readers can figure out how to pronounce them.  Her illustrations are done in mixed media and capture the enthusiasm and energy of toddlers.

This one could become a favorite at bedtime and will lend itself to multiple readings.  Appropriate for ages 1-3.

Reviewed from copy received from Child’s Play.