Review: Bugs by the Numbers by Sharon Werner

bugs by the numbers

Bugs by the Numbers by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss

The creators of Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types return with a bug book where it is all done by the numbers.  After an energetic introduction, readers turn pages to see bugs made up of numbers.  The numbers have special reference to that insect, whether it is the number of legs, number of eyes, or how far they can jump.  The design of the book is eye-catching and very engaging.  The ground is bright colors that change from page to page and the bulk of the numbers are explained there.  But other pages have large flaps that open:  wood for the termites, a tree for the walking stick, and leaves for the caterpillar.  This is a vibrant book that will have everyone engrossed in learning facts about bugs.

The typographical design is truly amazing with the insects fully rendered in numbers, used in different sizes and amounts of boldness.  The backgrounds are primarily white with large areas of color, leaving the detail to the insects themselves.  It is a strong design that is intriguing and great fun.

This book worked particularly well read-aloud, which is something I had not expected.  The facts read naturally and provide lots of opportunities for further discussion.  There are facts that are well known and others that are strange and intriguing.  It makes for a great book for kids to nod along that they know the information and then in the next sentence to be learning something new.

A great bug book, this deserves a place in every public library.  I know it will be one of my picks for holiday presents for any nature-loving kid.  Appropriate for ages 5-8.

Reviewed from library copy.

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  1. Timely. I’m working on a booklist about bugs and other backyard wildlife. I have read Alphabeasties and will have to check this one out.


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