Review: Sweet Dreams by Rose A. Lewis

sweet dreams

Sweet Dreams by Rose A. Lewis, illustrated by Jen Corace

This quiet bedtime book is the perfect antidote to a busy day.  Starting with a mother carrying her daughter up the stairs, the mood is set for a sleepy bedtime.  The book moves from that child to the moon and then a sleeping baby bear, a soaking wet tiny mouse, and birds in a nest.  Butterflies sleep as moths take wing into the night.  Crickets start to sing and other nocturnal animals appear.  Then the sun returns and a quiet morning begins with animals starting to rise and eat.  The book returns to the bedroom and the child now curled in bed, her walls opening to reveal the wonder of night beyond.

Lewis’ writing is poetry, she conveys the quiet mood beautifully without the book ever becoming dull.  Instead it is filled with quiet wonder at the change that happens when darkness falls, the beauty that emerges.  She captures moments that invite cuddling up cozily, creating a dreamy glowing world.

Corace’s illustrations help with this as well.  Her art here is done with pen, ink and watercolor.  She uses delicate lines and deep colors to create this nighttime world.  They are filled with moonflowers, a gently smiling moon, and animals that are not anthropomorphized at all. 

This book is a joy to read and will be a pleasure to share with your little sleepyhead.  Appropriate for ages 4-6.

Reviewed from copy received from Abrams Books.