Astrid Lindgren Award

Dutch author, Guus Kuijer has won the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.  The award carries the large prize of 5m Swedish kronor or over $700,000. 

According to The Guardian:

The 12-member international jury of children’s literature experts said the award-winning Dutch author combined "serious subject matter and razor-sharp realism with warmth, subtle humour and visionary flights of fancy" in his writing. "With an unprejudiced gaze and a sharp intellect, Guus Kuijer portrays both the problems facing contemporary society and life’s big questions. Respect for children is as self-evident in his works as his rejection of intolerance and oppression," they said in their citation. "His simple, clear and precise style accommodates both deep philosophical insight and graceful poetic expression."

Kuijer has written over 30 books, mostly for teens.  He has won the German children’s literature award twice and is a four-time recipient of the Netherland’s children’s literature prize, the Gouden Griffel.