Review: Hide and Seek by David A. Carter

hide and seek

Hide and Seek by David A. Carter

My confession of the day is my love for pop-up books.  It is exacerbated by my younger son’s equally adoration for them.  That means that I have a small voice in my head pleading to open the pop-ups as soon as we get them, and then my son pipes in too.  So I gave in and in this pop-up discovered a wonderful, colorful world to explore.  Carter has created a landscape of objects to explore, ranging from black and white to wild punches of color that create a skyscraper.  He manages to make a book that invites children to move things and look closely, but will also appeal to the aesthetics of adults.  I just opened the book in my office and immediately had co-workers around my desk interacting with it. 

Just as with most delicate pop-up titles, this book will not withstand being circulated in a library.  But if you have a young pop-up fan at home the way I do, this would make a grand holiday gift or a great pick for a long holiday drive.

Appropriate for ages 4-7 (and adults).