2013 Scottish Children’s Book Awards Shortlist

The Scottish Book Trust has announced the shortlist for the 2013 Scottish Children’s Book Awards.  Here are the nominees.


Jumblebum cover Paper Dolls cover What's the Time Mr Wolf cover

Jumblebum by Chae Strathie and Ben Cort

The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Rebecca Cobb

What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf? by Debi Gliori



Accidental Time Traveller cover Black Tide cover Really Weird Removals cover

The Accidental Time Traveller by Janis Mackay

Black Tide by Caroline Clough

Really Weird Removals.com by Daniela Sacerdoti



Book of Doom cover Ferryman cover Seeing cover

The Book of Doom by Barry Hutchison

Ferryman by Claire McFall

The Seeing by Diana Hendry

Big Pile of Board Books

Here we go!  I had been waiting with a couple of these to have enough to do a full post of board books and now I have far too many.  Here are six board books worth picking up for the little one in your life or library:

away we go

Away We Go! by Chieu Anh Urban

Filled with bright colored vehicles made out of all sorts of shapes, this die cut board book is engaging and great fun.  The words on the page ask you to find specific shapes, but there is no need to follow their lead.  This is a great pick for librarians looking for a book that will have parents talking to their children about what is on the page.  Perfect for little hands to explore too.

blue bus red balloon

Everything Goes: Blue Bus, Red Balloon: A Book of Colors by Brian Biggs

Another charmer in the Everything Goes series, this board book focuses on colors.  It follows all kinds of vehicles and the pictures tell a complete story while the text names vehicles and colors. 

hide and seek wiggle

Hide and Seek by Taro Gomi

Wiggle by Taro Gomi

Gomi returns with two picture books with very different feels.  Hide and Seek is a book that is clever and subtle, showing several very similar objects or creatures with one small difference.  The humor is clever and the art is sophisticated.  Wiggle is a book with a die cut hole for a small finger to fit through.  Children get to use their finger as an elephant trunk, robot nose, and much more.  This one is less clever and more physical.  The two books should appeal to different children, but both will be appreciated.

my mom is the best circus

My Mom Is the Best Circus by Luciana Navarro Powell

Light and filled with fun, this board book takes mom’s everyday duties and shows them as if she was performing in the circus.  She juggles breakfast, tames wild laundry, can make you laugh like a clown, or be amazed like a magician.  Cute and funny, this is a nice light board book sure to make moms nod along.


Pinwheel by Salina Yoon

Yoon has once again created a visually arresting board book for children.  This book has wheels to turn that set the designs in motion, creating art that moves and changes before your eyes.  It is almost kaleidoscopic at times.  Beautiful and nice for little hands to turn.