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EarlyWord has some fresh news on two movie projects based on children’s books:


The 2010 novel, Trash by Andy Mulligan is scheduled to be released in May 2014.  Martin Sheen and Rooney Mara are set to star in it.

Revenge of the Witch (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #1)

The Seventh Son, a movie based on The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney has a first trailer out.  The film has been delayed multiple times and now is scheduled for a January 2014 release. Here is the trailer:


Review: The Life of Ty: Penguin Problems by Lauren Myracle

life of ty

The Life of Ty: Penguin Problems by Lauren Myracle, illustrated by Jed Henry

Ty is seven years old and has a pretty complicated life.  He has a new baby sister who is taking all of his mom’s time and attention.  His older sisters won’t walk him into school like his mom used to, insisting that he can do it all on his own.  His best friend is in the hospital battling cancer, and Ty’s other friends can be confusing and even alarming.  Ty keeps getting into trouble at home for things like chasing the cat with a Dustbuster.  Then on the school trip to the aquarium, Ty takes a baby penguin home with him.  This is one wild boy who is also big hearted and caring, just not sure how best to show it. 

Myracle, who writes teen books primarily, has created a truly exceptional book for younger readers.  Ty is a character who is easily relatable, even when he does some extremely unusual things, like stealing a penguin.  His home life will be familiar to many children, who will have older siblings and babies in their families too.  Add to that the universal feelings of being asked to do big-kid things too early and also being treated like a baby, and you get a book that is universally appealing.

Myracle’s writing has an outstanding humor throughout.  In the more dramatic moments, children will understand that things will be alright in the end.  The black and white illustrations by Henry convey that humor and lightness as well. 

Perfect for both reading aloud and for a child reading on their own, this book will be enjoyed by fans of the Stink series as well as those who like Clementine.  This book would pair well with The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes.  Appropriate for ages 5-7.

Reviewed from copy received from Dutton.

Amazon’s Best Books of the Year So Far 2013


Amazon has released their lists of the best books of the year so far.  For children’s books, they have broken it into the Top 15 in several categories:  Board Books, Picture Books, Chapter Books, and Middle Grade Books.  They also have a list specifically for Teens & Young Adults.

The lists are mixes of books getting great critical reviews and those that are immensely popular.  These are definitely lists that librarians will want to take a look at for collection development.