Top Ten Firsts

1. First Real Post

Linked to the CCBC’s 40 Books About… bibliographies.  I love the CCBC, which is one of the jewels in our University of Wisconsin.  The link is now broken (since it is 10 years old) but CCBC still offers great bibliographies and book lists, including their amazing CCBC Choices every year.

The Treekeepers

2. First Book Reviewed:

The Treekeepers by Susan McGee Britton (The link is to my review.  My hope is that my writing improved over the last decade.)

3.  First comment:

On August 24, 2003 on The Treekeepers review in #2.  Yup, made no sense back then and doesn’t now either. 

4. First Link to a News Article:

Was a link to a Boston Globe article on celebrities writing children’s books.  Sigh.  Nothing has changed, has it?

5.  First Link to Another Children’s Lit blog:

I only knew of one other children’s lit blog when I started a decade ago: Mrs. Rabbitt’s Bookbag, now defunct.  I certainly didn’t see the future coming with such a robust and diverse group of people blogging about children’s lit.

6.  First Link to an Author’s Website:

Amazingly, the link still works and Ellen Jackson still has a section on her rejection letters that charmed me ten years ago. 

Dark Waters

7. First Teen Book Review:

Since I was making this up as I went along, I never really focused my blog on one age.  Looking back, I probably should have since then, but I so enjoy reading the wide span of children and teen books.  The first teen book I reviewed was Dark Waters by Catherine MacPhail.

8. First Awards Announcements:

The Children’s Book Council of Australia winners of 2003.  I’m looking forward to the announcement of the 2013 winners!

9.  First Apology (and not the last!)

On August 17, 2003, my email went down for quite a period of time, leaving me unable to respond to comments. 

10.  First (and Last) Name Change:

All of the others were during August of 2003, but one big event that can’t miss this list was when my blog moved to its own domain and completely changed its name.  It used to have the very catchy title of Kids Lit.  Even I could never remember if it was one or two words.  I quite prefer Waking Brain Cells.

Happy 10th Blog Anniversary!


This week this blog turns 10 years old.  Expect to see some Top Ten lists to celebrate! 

Most importantly, I want to thank all of you for reading, for caring about children and the books they read, for being such a warm community of readers, teachers, librarians and parents.  Thank you for letting me create a little space of my own online and for coming to visit me here. 

It has been an honor to blog this long and I plan to just keep on going.  After all, they keep on publishing books and I could never stop reading.