This Week’s Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:

People who read are people who dream.:


Ancient and Contemporary: A Conversation with Duncan Tonatiuh » Public Libraries Online

The best children’s books on pancakes

Children’s books: a middle class ghetto?

Harry Potter Play To Be Published as a Book

House which inspired Peter Pan to re-open as children’s literature centre after £5m campaign

Illustrator illuminates the animal world for children



Karin Slaughter: Libraries saved me, now they need rescuing

Libraries May Outlive More Than Just Books » Public Libraries Online

Library embraces role as ‘community anchor’

‘National scandal’: library campaigners lobby parliament | The Bookseller

This Library System Is Willing to Forgive Your Fine…Just This Once

‘We Are Worried About The Books’: Kremlin Targets Moscow’s Ukrainian Library

Bookish Problem #444: You have a book but you're nearly finished reading it, so you have to bring a second one - just in case.:


Reading ‘can help reduce stress’ – Telegraph


Author of ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ has new novel coming