Let the Sunshine In!


Doing much better with my concussion now that it’s two weeks after my fall. While I was still dizzy a bit this weekend, things started to return to normal on Sunday. I can now use computer monitors without pain, even at a normal brightness. Device screens continue to be more of a problem, but those are getting easier.

It was the sunlight I missed most. Being in a darkened room was horrible and something I simply don’t do much of at all. My cats freaked out just seeing the blinds being closed for the first time since they entered our lives over 7 years ago. On Sunday though, the curtains were open, the sun could come streaming in and I could watch the trees, the wind and the clouds. It was bliss.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts during this literally dark time. May your days be filled with sunshine, clouds, weather and wind. And may you get the chance to look out for awhile and enjoy it all.

2 thoughts on “Let the Sunshine In!

  1. Very happy to hear your good news. I’m sorry you weren’t in Maine to recuperate. Sunshine has been very hard to find for the past two weeks. Please send your sunshine my way!


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