A Twitter Break


I’ll be taking a hiatus from Twitter, which is the last social media platform I actively use since I stopped using Facebook for personal things over six months ago. The Man Blueprint has a great article that nicely summarizes why I’m taking a break. A few months ago I really pruned back on the people I followed on Twitter, trying to get out of the political cesspool I had been swimming in there. It didn’t help, I still get news that made me livid over and over again as if playing on repeat.

So it’s time for a break. Next week I’ll do a new version of what used to be “what I shared on Twitter this week” and I’ll hopefully have found new ways to keep up with children’s lit news. Let me know if you have any tips for me!

Also, are you changing your usage of social media? I’d love to hear your experiences too.

P.S. – I’m also no longer having Waking Brain Cells post directly to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn when I post something, so feel free to subscribe via email or check in personally to find out what I’m up to in my little blogging world.

4 thoughts on “A Twitter Break

  1. Yeah for you! I have thought about ditching FB, but the great majority of my friends know it is my #GoodVibesOnly zone, and they don’t post political stuff on their own pages, either. I am pretty much on a permanent news blackout.

    You asked for ideas … I have trimmed twitter to literacy and kidlit peeps only. I don’t read the thread in Twitter, but use Hootsuite for keywords I want to follow. I also use Feedly to get my news on what’s happening … so I am subscribed to Waking Brain Cells from there.


  2. Hi Tasha, Like Terry, I still use Twitter, but I use it very strategically. I pretty much only use it to share posts and articles, and then I copy those links into a blog post each week (something that I copied from you). I never go onto the main Twitter feed at all. My Twitter bookmark goes only to my notifications page. Since I never go to the feed, I feel free to follow people. Then I use a service called Nuzzel that shows me links that multiple people I follow have shared. Of course there can be frustration-inducing links there, but I’m pretty good at ignoring those, and skimming to find things that I think are interesting. Good luck with your changes!!


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