Have You Seen Gordon? by Adam Jay Epstein

Cover image for Have You Seen Gordon.

Have You Seen Gordon? by Adam Jay Epstein, illustrated by Ruth Chan (9781534477360)

This search and find book features a very purple creature named Gordon. Children get to try to find him on the beach and in the city. At the amusement park though, Gordon stops hiding and stands in a field. At the farmer’s market, Gordon is wearing a bright yellow hat that makes him easy to spot. Gordon decides that he wants to stand out rather than blend in. So the narrator locates someone else to find. Her name is Jane and she’s rather shy. She manages to evade the narrator catching up to her, and that’s when Gordon has a new idea. Now the narrator has a bunch of creatures who are eager to be found on the complex pages.

This is Where’s Waldo with an attitude where the characters insist on being treated the way they want to be. It’s an empowering book with a great sense of humor. The book starts out as a straight search and find until Gordon breaks free of the expectations. Jane then does the same, taking readers on a wild dash across the pages. The solution at the end is clever and engaging.

For younger children than Where’s Waldo, these illustrations are just a touch more simple. They are also filled with silliness as readers look at detailed scenes of ski slopes, markets, cities and neighborhoods. The bright colors and strange creatures and animals make it all the more engaging too.

Great fun and full of silliness. Appropriate for ages 3-5.

Reviewed from copy provided by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.