Fame and Glory

Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia by Barbara O’Connor (0-374-32258-9)
Bird is an outcast at school with no friends, but she has a wonderful neighbor, Miss Delphine, who keeps on telling her that she can take care of things. Bird has two dreams, one for fame and glory if only for one day and the other to go to Disney World. When Harlem, another outcast, arrives in town, Bird decides that they will become friends. Bird uses the school spelling bee to approach Harlem, believing that the two of them can make her two dreams come true.
This is a refreshing book because the characters are a lifelike mix. Mistakes are made and admitted and fixed. Friendships are rocky. Characters break free of stereotypical roles. A wonderful humor-laced glimpse into real life.
This book is that perfect length of just over 100 pages that kids are often looking for for school assignments. It would be of interest to both boys and girls in elementary school with its girl and boy protagonists. Bird is a spunky girl, something I am always looking for in children’s books.