Feed by M.T. Anderson
Feed is one of those books that I had been meaning to get to for some time. It is a social satire set in the near future where everyone’s brains have been directly connected to the Internet through a feed. The feed sends a constant barrage of news, advertisements and communication to people.
I listened to Feed on audio cassette after starting it in book form and having too many other books to read. Feed is very enjoyable in audio format. The commercials that are mixed into the book were complete with music, giving the listener a true sense of being on the feed.
The society created in this book is what it is all about. It is a world that the reader can certainly see coming. Even the jargon that the teens use rings true. I found myself enveloped in the world and even thinking in the jargon.
My one complaint with the book is that I would have liked to have understood the characters better. I wanted to see under their skin more than I did, especially Violet.
I would recommend this to mature teens who can handle the strong language and understand the satire. Boys will certainly enjoy it as well as girls. This would be a great book for book talking, since the feed concept alone will sell it to kids.