Saffy's Angel

Saffy’s Angel by Hilary McKay
I just finished this book on audio cassette. I adored it! I enjoyed the entire Casson family since they were all complete characters with their own issues and triumphs, even the parents. I wanted to go to the banana house and help unearth Saffy’s angel from the layers of debris in the house. I wanted to walk on the lawn filled with hamsters and guinea pigs. I wanted to peek into Eve’s shed and see Rose’s incredible artwork myself. And luckily, through the writing, I got to do just that.
My only complaint is with the cover art. Going by the cover, one would think that this is an old-fashioned story set in the distant past, rather than a hip story filled with driving lessons, flirting, nose studs, and friends who arrive by wheelchair. I would say that due to the cover art, this could be a hard sell to get in the hands of the right kids. Girls who enjoy modern books will like this one. It is such a well written and completely conceived book.

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  1. i totally loved it and im jamiaca and i ust enjoyed ready it. some time i would be reading and laugh out loud and my friends wud ask me if im ok lol! its an awesome book and i wud recommend alot of pre teens to read it


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