We the People Bookshelf

We the People Bookshelf is funded by ALA and the National Endowment for the Humanities.  It is a grant program that will send 15 classic children’s books to 2000 school and pulbic  libraries in the United States.  You can apply online through January 31st.  A list of titles is available on the site.

Endymion Spring

Endymion Spring
by Matthew Skelton explores the mystery of the relationship between Faust, Gutenberg and an unknown boy.  The book flashes back and forth between modern-day Oxford and fifteenth century Germany.  Readers get to meet Endymion Spring, a boy who discovers Faust’s secret of dragon-skin paper that has magical properties and has the power to allow readers to read every book ever written.  Readers also get to know Blake, an American boy whose mother is studying in Oxford.  Blake is left at some of the top libraries in Oxford to amuse himself along with his younger sister Duck.  One day, he discovers a strange book bound in brown leather that at first appears to be blank.  It is this book of Endymion Spring that will lead him on a wild adventure around Oxford.

This book is fascinating from the historical details of Endymion’s life to the glory of the hidden side of the Oxford libraries.  It is a novel for those of us who love books, who are often taken away by the mysteries we find inside and the wonder of what could be found there.  The characters are well-rounded and complex as are their relationships with those around them.  The adults around the characters are flawed and complicated people themselves.  Once the reader is captured by the mystery of both the modern story and the historical one, the book is nearly impossible to put down.  The climax is both stunning and gratifying. 

Offer this one to both children and adults to read.  Just make sure they love books.  This one is a winner.

Kindergarten Break

I took a long weekend to get my little boy (excuse me, big boy) off to Kindergarten. Now to get back to reviewing all of the books we have enjoyed together over the last few days!