Last Days

The Last Days
by Scott Westerfeld.

This was one of those books that made me dance with joy when I got it in on the library reserve shelf.  Luckily I work with people who understand book lust, so they just humor me. 

Last Days is a sequel to Peeps, the amazing vampire novel that combined vampirism with communicable diseases.  This novel takes us further into the  epidemic occuring in New York City where all sorts of people are becoming peeps and the society is beginning to crumble due to the epidemic.  The situation is seen through the eyes of five teens, who form a band together in the middle of the chaos, looking to make themselves famous before the end of the world.  Westerfeld’s writing as always is fast-paced, enjoyable, and consuming.  His characters are individuals who make mistakes, find themselves caught in world-changing situations, but remain true to themselves. 

Recommend this to those kids who already love Westerfeld.  For those who don’t, make sure you start them on Peeps.  Any kids who enjoy horror, apocalyptic fiction, or band fiction will love this.  Don’t you just adore books that sell themselves and get teens asking for more by the same author?  And even better, Westerfeld has several series to get teens really hooked. 

Maurice Sendak Interview

NPR has a great interview with Maurice Sendak, plus a fantastic audio slideshow featuring his work: Why Maurice Sendak Puts Kid Characters in Danger. Sendak’s new book is a popup, which will turn off many libraries from ordering it, but I hope that some of you brave it.