The Cow Who Clucked

The Cow Who Clucked by Denise Fleming.

You can never go wrong reading aloud Fleming’s picture books, and her new one is no exception.  One morning Cow wakes up to find that she is clucking rather than mooing.  So she sets off across the farm to find her moo.  She goes from one farm animal to the next listening to the sound they make until she finds the animal that is mooing and is able to switch back to her normal sound. 

Fleming’s writing is rhythmic and simple, creating a strong pattern that children will enjoy.  Her illustrations as always are stunningly lovely and very child-friendly.  Like the writing, they are simple but masterful.   Share this book with toddlers through preschoolers in units about sounds, farms, cows, animals, etc.  There are so many uses for this one, and it is another great read aloud from a true master.

The Mixed-Up Rooster

The Mixed-Up Rooster by Pamela Duncan Edwards, pictures by Megan Lloyd.

Ned is a rooster who just can’t seem to wake up in the morning.  He’s just not a morning bird.  So Daisy Mae decides to fire him as their rooster.  Ned hides in a nearby tree and hears the replacement rooster crowing.  He hides there all day until nightfall when he meets all sorts of friendly creatures who come out at night:  bats, rabbits, and tree frogs.  Ned plays all night with them.  Then in a game of hide and seek, he hears a strange creeping noise.  A snake is sneaking into the hen house!  Ned’s night bird tendencies save the day with a little help from Daisy Mae. 

Two things make this picture book fun.  First is the vibrant illustrations that are cartoon-like and comical.  Second is the language that is filled with puns galore.  My favorite is when Ned complains about being “hen-pecked” by Daisy Mae.  This is a joy to read aloud with a fast pace that flies along.  Add this to your poultry themed storytimes for preschoolers and Kindergarteners.