More Time Spent with Today's Children

The New York Times has a surprising story: Married and Single Parents Spending More Time With Children, Study Finds, that shows that today’s parents may work more outside of the home, but they spend more time with their children than any other time in the last 40 years!
I post this here, because though our lives may be busier, we still see families making time to bring small children into the public library. My concern is that when those children enter school, the public library becomes less of a destination for the family. Now that we know that parents are spending more time with their children, not less, we can start to focus more on how to draw those families in.
How do we remain a destination for elementary age children? We know that we have the materials that interest them. We know that when they come through the doors we can lead them right to books that will wow them. But how do we get them through those doors, and more importantly, how do we get their parents to spend their precious time with their children AT THE LIBRARY?

2 thoughts on “More Time Spent with Today's Children

  1. We’ve really stepped up our family-oriented programming. Movie nights, musical events, etc.–trying to create buzz and draw people in. It’s tough to compete with sports and with church programs, but we feel encouraged by results so far in our small community.


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