Born to Rock

Born to Rock
by Gordon Korman.

This is another teen novel that I heard great things about and simply had to read.  Korman is one of my favorite authors, and I was not let down by this one.  It may be one of his very best to date.

Leo is a member of the Young Republicans, has a 4.0 grade point average and has an early acceptance to Harvard.  His life is mapped out and he is ready for it.  But when he stands up against a principal who is trying to ruin the record of another student, Leo instead finds himself the target.  Accused of cheating, his flawless record now has a black mark, and he is kicked out of not only the Young Republicans but also his Harvard scholarship.  In a fluke, Leo discovers that his biological father is the infamous punk rock star, King Maggot.  Leo decides that King is the way to get his Harvard tuition, so he joins King in his punk-rock tour of the United States until they receive the results of the official paternity test.  On the tour, Leo discovers that he has a lot more in common with King that he had expected.

Korman’s writing is always effortless in its skill.  He incorporates a great sense of humor into his books, and many parts of this novel will have readers chuckling along.  I enjoyed the pairing of a conservative teen with a rock and roll elder, and the situations that it created.  This entire book was great fun, cover to cover.

Recommend this one to boys and girls alike who enjoy music of any kind.  I think it would make a great pairing with Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, another music-based novel from this year.