Where's My Darling Daughter

Where’s My Darling Daughter? by Mij Kelly and Katharine McEwen.

Poppa Bombola looks in the bed for his darling daughter, but he can’t find her.  As he searches around the farm, he repeats, “I know I put her somewhere safe.  Oh where’s my darling daughter?”  On the second or third page, kids will notice the darling daughter dangling on her daddy’s back in a baby carrier.  All ends happily of course, but not until all the children will be able to chorus the refrain along with the reader. 

The writing has rhythm and rhyme, carrying the reader as you race around the farmyard.  The art is child-friendly, filled with color and action.  It will project well for a crowd of children, and plays equally well as a lap book. 

This one is great fun.  Perfect for reading aloud as a silly finish to a story time on fathers or farms.  I guarantee giggles galore!