Penguins Left Out in the Cold

Incredibly frustrating news from Charlotte, NC: School district bans book about gay penguins. And Tango Makes Three is the new favorite book to protest about. Let’s not notice the fact that it is based on a real story about real birds and of course let’s dismiss the fact that a school of any size, much less the size of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, has children with gay parents, gay relatives, gay friends, or may be gay themselves.
The worst part is that the school has in place a material reconsideration policy that was not followed at all. Yes it may have been oversight, but I have seen library directors panic in the past and just pull books from shelves because they believe that it is easier to get rid of the offending material than have to defend it publicly. Defend it people! This is what democracy is all about. Let us demonstrate to the children in our communities that books are worth fighting for, that books are the basis of ideas and learning, that books are valuable even if one parent is concerned. Let’s have a conversation, hear each other out, and let the process decide the result. Fear of controversy is the worst reason to take this type of action. I can’t think of any good reason myself, but fear has to be the lowest of the low. Grow a spine! Defend the book!

One thought on “Penguins Left Out in the Cold

  1. I can’t believe how much controversy there has been about this adorable book! Not only that, but it’s non-fiction. It is a TRUE STORY, people! You wish to conceal the TRUTH from your kids?! Sigh. Fight, pinguinos, fight!


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