Harry Potter Mania

I know, I know, I’m the last blogger in the bunch to post that the Last Potter Book is to be Released July 21st. Sigh. Such is the life of a blogging library director.
Anyway, our library is planning a library sleepover where a copy of the book will be opened at midnight and read aloud from. Hurrah! This will be a huge year for Potter fans with not only the final book being released, but also the 5th movie will open on July 13th. That’s only a week before the book comes out. Think of the frenzy!
The sixth movie is scheduled for Thanksgiving 2008 release. Whew!
So what do your libraries do for Harry Potter frenzy? At the smaller library I worked at, we had a grand party one year where we created wands. I had dowels and all sorts of doo dads. Each kid created their wand out of whatever they liked and then I had assigned meanings to the different components. The kids loved it! Most of the meanings were complimentary, but some I made just plain silly to get the giggles. Even the cool older kids got caught up in the laughter.

Dimity Dumpty

Dimity Dumpty: the Story of Humpty’s Little Sister
by Bob Graham.

The Dumpty family is part of a traveling circus. They do a high trapeze act, but Dimity is not like the rest of her family.  She is quiet and has no interest in joining the family act.  In fact, her favorite thing is to head for a still place and play music on her flute.  It isn’t until her brother Humpty takes a bad fall that she finds her voice and her place.

I enjoyed this story of a quiet child who remains true to herself.  My favorite illustrations are the ones where Dimity is playing her flute surrounded by listeners.  The language used to describe Dimity’s playing is also evocative: “soft as a snail on a cabbage leaf, quiet as the grass growing on the hill, gentle as a beetle’s breath.”  They are a joy to read aloud and really create a sense of who Dimity is by showing and not telling.  It is a lovely thing to find in a picture book. 

Use this with other take offs on nursery rhymes or for units on siblings.  Quiet children, or even noisy ones with a gentle soul will enjoy this book.