Philip Pullman News

Big A Little a links to an interview of Philip Pullman by the Guardian. As thrilled as I am to hear that he loves the Moomin books too, and as lovely as the rest of the interview is, the big news is at the very end.  He says that he is writing a sequel to His Dark Materials!  Amazing!  Thrilling!  And he says that it is long too!  Even better!

Hop! Plop!

Hop!  Plop! by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Tali Klein, illustrations by Olivier Dunrea.

This toddler-friendly book features elephant and mouse who decide to head to the playground and play together.  But each thing they try doesn’t work.  The seesaw won’t move up and down with mouse on one end and elephant at the other, even when mouse eats an entire watermelon!  Elephant pushes Mouse too hard on the swings, and when Elephant tries they break under his weight.  When they are just about to give up, Elephant offers Mouse his trunk as a slide.  It is a perfect solution.

The text of this book is perfect for toddlers who will recognize all of their favorite playground toys and will enjoy the slapstick humor.  The illustrations by Dunrea are very child-friendly and even when Mouse falls or bumps there is no fear of him being hurt because the illustrations are so soft and welcoming. 

Share this in toddler storytimes.  They will enjoy it!

Who's Hiding

Who’s Hiding
by Satoru Onishi.

This wonderfully fresh and friendly “I Spy” type book offers a chance for the youngest readers to hunt and find.  At first the book has you finding the animal that is hiding, or crying, or angry, but then at the end of the book it changes to be more challenging when all you are given are the animals’ eyes and you have to remember which order they were presented in.

The artwork is lots of fun with animals who look like Fisher Price beasts but with a lot more character.  The colors are bright, the premise is clever, and it is a book that both adults and children will enjoy.

This is a lap book to share with any preschooler.  It iwll not project well to a group of children.  Read to individually, children will love the colors and animals.