Scrotum Scrotum Scrotum

I wasn’t going to address the infamous scrotum issue, because it is everywhere! AND I find it horribly disappointing and embarrassing that LIBRARIANS are reacting this way. How very very very sad for our profession. Anyway, Gelf Magazine has done some research and found that Youth Literature is Filled with Scrotums.
These librarians causing the fuss need to grow a backbone, stand up for books for children, oppose any sort of censorship based on a single word, and know that there are many things in our profession worth fighting for and freedom to read is certainly one of them!
Librarians are often heard wondering why the general public doesn’t understand our passion for service, books and people. Perhaps it is things like this? Grow up, get professional, take a deep breath, share this great book with children, and remember that books have great power. Power that is worth getting damn angry about when it is not defended.
Link to article via Bookslut.