I am off to the WAPL (Wisconsin Association of Public Librarians) conference for the next couple of days. I’m speaking on a panel about Web 2.0 sites of interest to librarians, so that should be fun. Have a wonderful end to the week and we will see you next week – when I will hopefully have finished the book I am reviewing for SLJ and have discovered something new and fantastic to share!

Don't Touch My Hat!

Don’t Touch My Hat! by James Rumford.

Sheriff John keeps the town of Sunshine civilized in his ten-gallon hat.  He wouldn’t let anyone touch it, because he thought it was the key to keeping the peace.  But his wife begins to get jealous of the hat, even though she loves hats herself, especially ones with large colorful feathers.  She had just purchased a new one when Sheriff John faced a wild night in the town.  When he grabbed his hat in the dark, he grabbed his wife’s instead.  So he learns that it is him not his hat that keeps the town safe.

The fun of this book is reading it aloud.  The western drawl is written right into every page, so you will be sounding like an old cowhand in no time.  Children will adore the western theme as well as the spectacle of the sheriff in his wife’s very feathered and rainbow colored hat. 

A sure winner, share this with preschoolers and kindergarteners. 

New Clothes for New Year's Day

New Clothes for New Year’s Day by Hyun-Joo Bae.

Entrancing illustrations and a poetic but accessible text make this one quite a gem.  A young Korean girl is celebrating the new year with new clothes.  Readers follow her excitement as she puts on each piece of the traditional dress.  This may sound like a slow-moving book, but the eagerness of the character and her struggles to dress herself make it very friendly.  It is a book that easily removes barriers and examines cultural dress. 

The illustrations are at once both traditional and modern.  The young girl is pictured in a fresh way as she struggles to dress, while traditional patterns make up the background of many of the illustrations.

A wonderful New Year’s read, this is a friendly and accessible book on Korean dress and culture.

Night Rise Contest

Anthony Horowitz’s Night Rise is the third in his Power of Five series.  Now Nickelodeon is having a contest where students can enter to win a signed copy of the new book, a pin badge AND a visit to their school by Horowitz himself!  Just head here to play the online game and enter.