Lloyd Alexander Dies

Lloyd Alexander died yesterday at age 83.  His Chronicles of Prydain were some of the first fantasy books I read.  I devoured the entire series.  Then Disney came along and messed with it.  I was always thrilled that that did not become one of the Disney classics like Little Mermaid where my skin would have to crawl each time it was re-released on DVD. 

Alexander will be remembered fondly by many readers.  You can head to his amazing website about Prydain, the books and himself.

Ezra Jack Keats Awards

The winners of the 2007 Ezra Jack Keats Book Award have been announced.  The awards are for the best new writer and best new illustrator in children’s literature.

Best New Illustrator: Kristen Balouch for Mystery Bottle.

And one of my favorites of last year:

Best New Author: Kelly Cunnane for For You Are a Kenyan Child.