Thank You!

A huge THANK YOU to the Horn Book and Fuse #8 for including me in their list of Kid-Lit Bloggers to Watch.  What a great list of bloggers to be a part of!  I also love that I am described as one of the first kidlit bloggers out there.  Yup, that’s why I missed out on the cool trend of creating amazing names for blogs.  LOL

Of course, it does make me feel a bit of an elderly, kind auntie to all of you younger bloggers out there.  And that’s younger not only because of the age of our blogs!

From Auntie Tasha to all of you: thanks so much for allowing me this seat to watch the world of kidslit blogs evolve and grow.

Personal Side of LM Montgomery

For any fans of LM Montgomery and the glory of Avonlea (which I frankly found much more fun as a television show than a series of books, something I rarely say) this is the site for you.  Picturing a Canadian Life offers glimpses into Montgomery’s personal journals, scrapbooks, and more.  View a gallery of her book covers, read about her interest in fashion, and discover her passion for collecting.  Even someone like me, who appreciates her storylines more than her writing, will enjoy the site. 

Was that blasphemy?!