To the Best of Our Children's Lit

To the Best of Our Knowledge is a great Wisconsin Public Radio program.  This Sunday (June 3rd) they will be discussing children’s books.  Here is the great intro statement that I heard on WPR this morning as I drove to work:

One of the worst things about growing up is you get kicked
out of the children’s section of the library. I mean, you learn to read
and life is one olong happy string of books, from Peter Pan to Winnie
the Pooh to Harriett the Spy, but then you reach a certain age and you’re
supposed to graduate and spend the rest of your life reading grown-up
books. Well, have no fear. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge,
it’s children’s books, for us.

Great sounding, isn’t it?  Authors like Maurice Sendak and Philip Pullman will join in the conversation.

Even if you don’t live in Wisconsin, you can listen to the program later in the week online using the link above.  Just click the Listen button and off you go!