Pink by Nan Gregory and Luc Melanson.

Vivi desperately wants to be one of the pink girls who have pink backpacks, pink clothes, pink hair bands all in the perfect shade of pink.  She dreams of the perfect pink life so different from her own.  Vivi then discovers the perfect pink bride doll in the window of a fancy toy store.  She works hard to save money to purchase the doll, doing odd jobs in their apartment building.  But when she reveals to the Pinks at school that she is going to buy the doll, one of them gets there before her and she is devastated. 

This is a book that dances along just like life.  It is a vividly pink look at wishing, wanting, striving and disappointment, only to discover that there are special pink moments in her own life too.  Vivi is a wonderful character, especially for a picture book.  Her parents are equally interesting and their parenting is warm and supportive.  It is a treat to have a book where the parents are role models but the text is not didactic. 

The end of the book is buttoned by music, dance and sunsets, things that everyone can enjoy and share whether they can afford pink perfection or not.  The message of the book is strong but never crosses over into preaching.  The story is allowed to stand on its own strength through clear writing and bright illustrations.

Recommended to both boys and girls (despite the pink focus) ages 5-7.

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  1. We finally got this one from our library and my girls really enjoyed it, asking for it again after the initial reading. Thanks for the recommendation.


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