Nominated for a Cybil Award in Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Repossessed by A. M. Jenkins.

Kiriel is a Fallen Angel, okay a demon, who decides he is sick of working in Hell and takes over the body of a teenage boy named Shaun.  It may be unethical, but Shaun was in the last seconds of his life and Kiriel was able to continue that life.  Kiriel attempts to live as Shaun, but is continually distracted by sights, feelings, and touch.  Plus, he is far more interested in the details of Shaun’s life.  Even homework is fun because he can try out the feel of different writing implements.  As the possession goes on, Kiriel learns about humanity as well as lessons about his own position in the universe. 

Written with a great sense of humor, this book dashes along quickly but has far more depth than it might seem to on the surface.  The questions of Hell, self-imposed suffering, guilt, family connections, and what it means to be human are all part of it, handled deftly and as a part of the story itself.  Kiriel is a fascinating character who is clearly written and a joy to spend time with.  His grappling with modern human life makes for great action and the pacing of the novel is fast but never frantic. 

The book does have some mature themes, so it is appropriate for older teens.  A lively fun read that generates more questions than answers, this book is sure to infuriate and anger some people with its questions of faith, demons and God.  However, it is more than worth the trouble of having it available for teens who may be on their own quest to figure it all out.

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