The Three Snow Bears

The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett.

Brett has taken The Three Bears and moved it to the Arctic where Goldilocks is a little Inuit girl named Aloo-ki who has managed to get separated from her sled dogs.  The three polar bears are out for a walk waiting for their porridge to cool when they discover the dogs trapped on an ice floe.  Aloo-ki discovers the bears’ igloo where she is drawn in by the smell of porridge, she tastes them all, then moves into the igloo further to try on three different sizes of boots and finally to fall asleep on the perfect sleeping bench.  Meanwhile the bears save the dogs and return home to discover Aloo-ki asleep.

Brett has refreshed this traditional tale by not only moving its location but infusing it with regional details.  I really enjoyed Brett’s attention to the smallest details in her illustrations.  The story is carried forward not only by the main illustrations on each page, but also the side panels where the other branch of the story is happening.  The side panels also have whimsical arctic animals dressed for the wintry weather. 

A perfect winter book, this is a good book to share with a few children at a time so that the details of the illustrations can be enjoyed.  Highly recommended for ages 4-7.

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  1. I would compare Aloo-ki to Goldilocks instead of Cinderella. My students really enjoyed this retelling of the classic tale. Jan Brett is always popular.


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