A Day with No Crayons

A Day with No Crayons by Elizabeth Rusch, illustrated by Chad Cameron.

Liza loves to color with crayons, she fills coloring book after coloring book.  When she runs out of coloring books, she discovers a blank wall in her room and starts to color there.  But when her mother finds out, she takes away Liza’s crayons for the rest of the day.  Now Liza has to find a new way to express herself, and she certainly does!  Cameron, the illustrator, pays homage to great artists in his illustrations, and it is lovely the way color returns to Liza’s life as she discovers more and more ways to be an artist.

This book really speaks to me.  I love that it is about a child basically learning to see art in her life, to express herself in new media, and to use a variety of styles and techniques.  It is a winner to get children redefining art in their own lives and seeing the potential for art all around them. 

Highly recommended as a book to be used in elementary art classes, it would also be a winner in a story time about art.  What a great idea it would be to then offer children a chance to create art without crayons!