Put It on the List!

Put It on the List by Kristen Darbyshire

Though they are supposed to put things on the shopping list, everyone in the family forgets.  So the chicken family runs out of a lot of things and other times have to get creative.  Pancakes but no syrup means that ketchup may just be the solution!  But when the family runs out of diapers, band-aids, and toilet paper, that’s enough.  So they hold a family meeting and come up with a new plan to really use the list and to help with the shopping.  And the final golden rule, that in an emergency they order pizza!

Every family has faced this sort of disorganization, frantic runs to the store and the attempts to be creative when feeding a family.  The chicken family face it all with a quirkiness and silliness that make the book really work.  Darbyshire’s illustrations and words are simple but immensely fun. 

The round-headed chicken family will capture children’s attention and the giggles will keep them listening.  Appropriate for ages 3-6.