Tillie Lays an Egg

Tillie Lays an Egg by Terry Golson, photographs by Ben Fink.

Tillie is a hen who doesn’t lay her eggs in the nesting boxes provided for the hens.  The other hens nicely take turns laying their eggs and then head outside.  Tillie doesn’t wait for her turn, but instead finds interesting spots to lay her eggs.  She wants to eat worms, so an egg is laid in the dirt.  Then she ventures onto the farmhouse porch and from there into the house, each day exploring more and laying her egg in a different spot.

Vivid photography makes this book special.  From the shots of the hens in their house to the quizzical close-ups of their faces, the photos are crisp, clear and vibrant.  The photos also have a timelessness that really works with the farm tale.  Additionally, children will enjoy trying to spot Tillie’s eggs in each setting.  Golson captures a sense of lightness and fun in her brief text that reads aloud very well. 

The combination of a silly chicken and missing eggs is made modern and interesting by using photographs rather than illustrations.  Great fun for the youngest readers, this book is appropriate for ages 2-5.