Books in the Home Make a Difference

I know that all of us who work in education and libraries know that access to books for children make a very big difference.  A new study from Nevada University supports what we already know.

It turns out that having as few as 20 books in the home for children can have a significant impact on their education.  The researchers studied more than 70,000 people from 27 countries to get their results.  The results affect all families irrespective of parental occupation or social class.  Here are some quotes from the article in the Telegraph:

It found that being raised in a household with a 500-book library would result in a child remaining in education for an average of three years longer than those with little access to literature.

The advantage to a child was just as great as being raised by university educated parents, as opposed to those with relatively poor schooling, the study found.

The study suggested that the impact was down to the “scholarly culture” of individual households.

Now, let’s see what type of impact access to a great school and public library will have on children!

3 thoughts on “Books in the Home Make a Difference

  1. Please check your link to the report. I would very much like to read it, but was not able to connect through the link you provided. Thanks so much.

    I enjoy your book reviews and often purchase books based on what you write.


    1. Thanks so much for pointing out my mistake! The link should work now. And thanks too for the compliment! I’m so glad my blog is helpful.


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