Book Review: Sidekicks by Dan Santat


Sidekicks by Dad Santat

Captain Amazing is so busy saving the world from evil villains that he doesn’t have time for his pets back at home.  But Captain Amazing is also getting older, so he decides he needs a sidekick to help out.  His dog, hamster, lizard and even his lost cat decide to audition for the position.  As they vie for the position, rifts develop between them.  But when Captain Amazing finds himself in true peril, his pets must rise to the occasion and put their differences aside.  It will take all of their new skills, fantastic abilities, and their teamwork to save the day.

This graphic novel is inventive and great fun.  It is an appealing mix of superhero, animals and friendship stories.  Santat’s art (which I look forward to seeing in full color, rather than the partial color I got to see in the ARC) is engaging and modern.  Yet it plays directly back to traditional comic books with the battle scenes in particular.  Santat’s story is well paced and even controlled despite the wild antics of its characters and the vibrant action scenes.

Get this in the hands of young graphic novel readers and you will be a superhero too!  Appropriate for ages 7-12.

Reviewed from ARC received from Arthur A. Levine Books.

Check out the trailer:

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Charlotte’s Web on NPR

Don’t miss the very charming piece on Charlotte’s Web that NPR did a few days ago!  Author Michael Sims has written a book about the creation of this classic: The Story of Charlotte’s Web. 

Here’s my favorite line from Maureen Corrigan’s piece:

If you love Charlotte’s Web — and, please, if you don’t, just get help now! — Sims’ lively and detailed excursion into the mystery of how White’s classic came to be is a perfect read for this season: full of grass and insects, pigs and summer rain.

NPR has an excerpt from Sims’ book on their website too.