New Hunger Games Trailer

Check out the new Hunger Games trailer only available on iTunes.  It gets your heart racing and blood pounding!

Then let me know what you think of it!

2 thoughts on “New Hunger Games Trailer

  1. Not what I expected but some parts look promising. I actually like Cato now. He looks pretty powerful. The uniforms and the Capitol I like. The arena is not what I thought. I thought they were high up or something and not so close together. I think I’m okay with the Peeta choice now. Gale not so much. Haymitch… no. District 12 looks so weird to me. They look Amish which is not how I pictured them. Effie could be a bit more… Effie! I don’t know. Just more loud and demanding. I didn’t like her makeup.


  2. I have not read the Hunger Games books myself, but I have heard many good things about them. I am a college student and over my lifetime this far I have watched many movies that had novels along with them. In most cases the movie ruins the novel and I hope that this one does not. In the trailer it seems as if the producers and directors are trying to enforce a sense of drama between the male and female characters and a sense of high intensity. I believe that no producer could grasp the drama of the book however in a movie completely because the connection a reader will feel while reading. I hope this movie however tries to stick with the story of the book because that will help readers connect with it more. If I did not know this movie was tied to a book I would have a less negative connotation with it and I believe it looks like a very well done film and quality, unlike the Twlight first book.


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