Review: Pomelo’s Opposites by Ramona Badescu

pomelos opposites

Pomelo’s Opposites by Ramona Badescu, illustrated by Benjamin Chaud

Pairs of opposites are shown together, one on each page.  But this is no regular opposites book, instead it is filled with sly humor.  The first surprise is how think this small square book is with page after page of opposites, more than you would have thought possible.  And it’s those unusual opposites, the ones that you have to stretch to understand that make this such a winning little book.  There are the expected opposites like far and near, left and right, high and low.  Turn a few more pages though, and you will see dream and reality, handsome and weird.  Filled with surprise after surprise, this is an opposite book that children of all ages will enjoy.

Chaud’s illustrations are really the winners here.  The text is so simple, just word pairs that the illustrations have to carry the book.  In and out is shown as eat and poop, which is sure to delight children.  Others are completely strange like evident and unimaginable.  I’ll let you explore to find out the images for that. 

This is a book that gets you thinking about the nature of opposites.  Children can use it as a jumping off point for creating their own unusual opposites and illustrating them.  Or just read it and laugh out loud at the great surprises waiting for you.  Appropriate for ages 3-6.