This Week’s Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:



HarperCollins Children’s Books Renews Multi-Book Deal With Michael Morpurgo #kidlit

I’ll Never Stop Reading Bedtime Stories to My Kid, No Matter How Old He Gets – #reading #kidlit

Rick Riordan: ‘I’ve loved mythology since I was a child. They were my gateway into reading, and writing!’ #kidlit

Sheboygan’s Mead library moves with times and faces pressures from the city – #libraries


Will digital books ever replace print? – #ebooks



Librarian Shares Her Love of Books with a Bike-powered Mobile Library – #libraries

\’Makers-In-Residence\’ Let Their Imaginations Roam Free At The DC Public Library #libraries

Not a hoarder...:


Author Rainbow Rowell Tells Us Which Hogwarts House She Was Sorted Into #yalit

Philip Reeve: ‘It’s possible that machines might become conscious’ – #yalit

Publishers Weekly – Q & A with Jennifer Donnelly – #yalit

Stephenie Meyer Unveils a Gender-Swapped Version of Twilight #yalit

Why is there so much poetry in YA/teen lit? – #yalit