Bunches of Board Books!

Here is a new crop of great board books to share with the littlest ones:

Duck and Goose Lets Dance by Tad Hills

Duck & Goose: Let’s Dance by Tad Hills

The bestselling Duck and Goose are back this time with an original song all their own. The board book reads aloud as a straight book, but the song adds a lot to the experience. Though you may fight to get the catchy tune out of your head, particularly if your child wants a repeat performance, again and again. You can take a listen to the song here.

Reviewed from copy received from Random House Children’s Books.

Love You Hug You Read to You by Tish Rabe Te amo, te abrazo, leo contigo

Love You, Hug You, Read to You! by Tish Rabe, illustrated by Frank Endersby

Available in both English and Spanish, this board book has different animal parents promising to read to their small critters in a variety of different circumstances. The rhyme is just right, rollicking and fun. A delightful bonus is available here too. There are prompts on each page that cue parents how to use a board book with a small child. Text offers questions to ask small children about the pictures and the story, making this ideal to use with parents just learning to be their child’s first teacher.

Reviewed from copies received from Random House Children’s Books.

Shhh This Book Is Sleeping by Cedric Ramadier

Shhh! This Book Is Sleeping by Cedric Ramadier and Vincent Bourgeau

A little pink mouse invites young readers to interact with a very sleepy little book. They get to go through an entire bedtime ritual with the book, who has already brushed its teeth and gone potty. Read the book a little story and tuck it in cozy and warm. Give it a hug and a kiss and it’s all set for you to close the book very gently and tiptoe away. Good night!

Reviewed from copy received from Random House Children’s Books.

Triangles by Yusuke Yonezu

Triangles by Yusuke Yonezu

Triangles can be all sorts of things as this clever board book demonstrates again and again. There are flags, sails, trees, animals, and even a wedge of cheese. Children will delight in the final page which can be lifted to a little face as a mask. There will be lots of fun in guessing what the triangle has become as well as naming colors and animals too.

Reviewed from library copy.