Waking Brain Cells Anniversary


It’s the birthday of this blog which turns 14 years old tomorrow!

Thank you everyone for tuning in, putting up with the stream of content on Twitter and Facebook, following on RSS feeds, reading on WordPress or Google. Thank you for making me part of your days whether you read this blog regularly or just once in awhile.

Thank you too to the publishers for sending me copies of books to read and for discovering new talented authors every year that make it impossible for me to ever stop reading.

I hope to keep going into the future!

4 thoughts on “Waking Brain Cells Anniversary

  1. I, too, hope you continue to write far into the future. I read every post and enjoy each one. It is rare to read a blog that is consistent, full of wonder at books for kids – and for 14 years! That is wonderful! Keep up the grand work, and I will keep reading and sharing.


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