This Week’s Tweets

Here are the items I shared on Twitter this week:



2019 Caldecott Medal Acceptance by Sophie Blackall #kidlit

2019 CSK Author Award Acceptance by Claire Hartfield #kidlit

2019 Newbery Medal Acceptance by Meg Medina #kidlit

Beatrix Potter: history of the children’s author, farmer and conservationist #kidlit

BookBar’s Extremely Official Response to Extremely Negative Comments… With Book Recommendations! #kidlit #LGBTQ

UK Society of Authors launches £5000 prize for illustrated children’s books | Books+Publishing #kidlit

You could be putting your child off reading – here’s how to change that #reading


Arkansas Librarians Launch Summer Book Bus, Inspire Community #libraries

Public libraries help fill social services gap #libraries

Small Wonders: Rural and Small Libraries Provide Vital Infrastructure for Communities #libraries


12 Young Adult Novels Featuring Characters With Chronic Conditions, Mental Illnesses and Disabilities #yalit

Magical library foundlings, restless skeletons, and more amazing summer YA blessing us this summer:

The Walking Dead: Idaho High School Bans Image Comics Series #yalit

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